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While I think John Wesley Shipp is playing Eddie Ford way too OTT for my taste, I did like his scenes with Nora. I've got mixed feelings about Evil Clint. I have a hard time believing Clint would do some of these things but I like some of the story and character interactions that are resulting from his machinations. I imagine Clint/Nora fans are groaning at the possibility of Bo sleeping with Inez.

I don't know why but I've already accepted Terri Colombino as this Aubrey character. I still think of Maura West as Carly when I see her on Y&R and I'm still thinking of Gina Tognoni as Dinah, and I watched OLTL when GT was introduced as Kelly. WEIRD! Are we supposed to be guessing about who Aubrey is talking to during those phone calls? I've read some speculation that she may be a daughter of Echo/Charlie.

She's been up to the same old tricks for decades but Dorian still makes me laugh! I liked that they made reference to Dorian's past with Joey. Or maybe I was just reading into things.
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