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Well Margaret Atwood is not my favourite author. I have read many of her books ,unfortunately many of the members of the book club I attend do like her writing, so I feel forced to read them. I will say her earlier books were more interesting (such as "The Blind Assassin", "The Handmaid's Tale", "Oryx & Crake") than the later ones. She has become very moralistic and preachy the last number of years. Last year we read "Payback" , which IMO was written too early into the current global economic crisis and made some sweeping generalizations. After suffering through that, I have no desire to read "The Year of The Flood".

I have just finished reading "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" and have yet to read the next two in the series. However, I agree Krystal, Lisbeth, is an interesting character who doesn't fit into the usual female stereotypes portrayed by men.

I dislike romantic novels/movies as well. Perhaps that is one reason, I never really got into many of the story lines on soap operas. Fragile, goody, goody women 'saving the big, bad man ' was never interesting, to me.
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