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Spoilers for the Week of Dec 13th

Whip arranges for a prank at the Taboo fashion show that he hopes will cause a rift in Ridge's marriage as payback for what Ridge did to his and Taylor's. The resulting photo winds up on the Internet, infuriating Ridge, as Brooke and Thomas try to calm him down. Meanwhile, Taylor fumes when Whip makes sure she sees the picture. As Brooke offers to remove herself from Taboo to keep the peace, Whip plots his next move against Ridge.

Rejected in her latest attempt to seduce Oliver, Amber turns her focus toward the wealthy Liam.

Bill throws a big party to introduce Liam as the new face of Spencer Publications, where Amber got Marcus to put her on the guest list.

Overruling his father's objections, Liam convinces Hope to be his date for the party.

Donna and Justin reconnect.

Nick and Aggie look forward to their first Christmas as a couple

CBS Board

Todd McKee -- who first joined the soap over 20 years ago -- returns as Jake Maclaine on Monday, December 13. What brings the ex-tennis instructor/Forrester employee back to the show?


COMING: Can estranged couples turn misery back to love in time for the holidays?

• Say goodbye to Insomnia Café—well sort of. On December 22, Stephanie will purchase the show's hipster hangout and then, on Christmas Day, she'll hand the keys over to Dayzee. From then on, the restaurant will be known as "Dayzee's" and it'll be dedicated to helping homeless people earn a living and get their lives back on track. To facilitate the move, Mick Cain reprises the role of Sally and Clarke's son, CJ Garrison, owner of the coffee shop on December 21 and December 22.

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