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Monday Nov 29th
Liam and Hope have an intimate moment on the beach; Taylor feels betrayed when Stephanie shares her true feelings.

Tuesday Nov 30th
Oliver and Amber form a secret deal; Stephen talks about his relationship with Pam.

Wednesday Dec 1st
Aggie tries to get Amber out of Oliver's life and Hope back in it; Whip accidentally overhears a conversation between Taylor and Ridge.

Thursday Dec 2nd
Taylor is in a hurry to tell Stephanie about Ridge's confession; Hope gives Amber a piece of her mind.

Friday Dec 3rd
Amber confuses Hope; Justin shares information with Bill.

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Monday November 29:

Stephanie is in the middle of Taylor and Brooke's argument.

Amber comforts Oliver and offers up some advice.

Liam and Hope share a deep kiss.

Taylor thinks her worst fear has become reality.

Tuesday November 30:

Thomas demands an explanation for Taylor's behavior.

The Logan girls meet their father for lunch, and Brooke faces questioning about Thomas's kiss.

Aggie's unexpected arrival sends Oliver and Amber into a panic.

Wednesday December 1:

Oliver and Aggie argue about his living arrangements.

Amber behaves seductively toward Oliver.

Aggie wants Hope to give Oliver another chance.

Taylor tells Ridge he is the only person who understands.

Thursday December 2:

Ridge and Brooke have a conversation about Stephanie, Thomas, and Taylor.

Stephanie thinks Taylor may still be in love with Ridge.

Oliver gives Amber a surprise.

Hope has some choice words for Amber at Forrester Creations.

Friday December 3:

Bill and Justin look into the situation with Liam's canceled limousine.

Amber and Hope discuss Hope's love life.

Liam and Oliver get into an argument when Liam pays him a visit.

Brooke and Ridge offer Hope advice about her relationships with Liam and Oliver.


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