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I'm pretty sure Vimal, evilClint's helper, said he changed the DNA test to show that Brody is the father of Natalie's baby. I just started watching the other day, but I'm guessing that means the baby is really John's. So, Natalie thinks she's lying when she says that the baby is John's but she's actually telling the truth. What I want to know is if Marty came in the lab before or after Vimal changed the DNA results. Does Marty's report say John or Brody is the father? And I wonder if Vimal changed Jessica's test result. That's a lot of storyline revolving around DNA test results.

evilClint reminds me more of Alan Spaulding than a good ol' boy.

How is Zimmer as Echo? Does it seem like Reva is now living in Llanview? I love that Viki can't stand her.
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