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Taylor is angered over Stephanie's assertion that it's not realistic to forbid Thomas from being in contact with Brooke!

Ridge admits to Taylor that if there is more between Brooke and Thomas than the fashion line, his and Brooke's marriage will be over!

Taylor reacts strongly when Ridge pledges if that happens he'd return to her!

Unnoticed, Whip overhears part of Taylor and Ridge's exchange!

Taylor fears the worst when she spies Thomas kissing a blonde, unaware she's a model friend!

After trash talking Amber to Oliver, Aggie finds Amber hiding and is informed that Amber is living with Oliver!

Amber offers to leave but Oliver surprises her with a key to the apartment above the garage!

As Liam and Oliver argue over who is right for Hope, Amber manages to place a seed of doubt with Hope´╗┐ about Liam!

Stephen gives advice to his daughters, telling Donna there's someone out there for her!



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