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Monday, November 22
Bill, Katie and Donna have differing views about Hope and Liam's relationship;
Amber, disguised as a car driver, takes Liam far away from Hope's party.

Tuesday, November 23
Hope is forced to choose between Oliver and Liam;
Nick hears a confession from Owen before welcoming his mother back to Jackie M.

Wednesday, November 24
Taylor and Brooke look to Stephanie to pick sides regarding Thomas' involvement with the Taboo clothing line;
Bill and Katie disagree on Liam and Hope's relationship.

*Preempted Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, November 25 and Friday, November 26 due to CBS Sports Programming.

From Soapscene Board

Spoilers for the week of November 22, 2010

Bill, Katie and Donna have differing points of view about Hope and Liam’s burgeoning relationship.

Amber, disguised as a foreign town car driver, takes Liam as far away from Hope’s party as possible.

Liam and Oliver vie for Hope’s affection… but whose affection will she return?

Owen defends his love for Jackie to Nick.

Both Brooke and Taylor look to Stephanie to support their side of an argument.

Bill and Katie take different points of view on Liam’s relationship with Hope.

Programming note: The Bold and the Beautiful will not air on Thursday or Friday.


More details:

Monday, November 22
Bill argues with Katie and Donna about Liam and Hope's relationship;
Hope is unable to enjoy her party;
Amber continues to deceive Liam;
Hope turns to Oliver for comfort.

Tuesday, November 23
Hope and Oliver get caught up in a passionate kiss, but then are interrupted;
Amber confirms her involvement in Liam's limo fiasco;
Jackie offers Nick a solution to his current business predicament.

Wednesday, November 24
Stephanie, Taylor, Thomas and Brooke attempt to resolve their issues;
Liam tells Bill and Katie about his evening with Hope and Oliver;
Amber offers to help Oliver, but she wants something in exchange.



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