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Monday November 15:

Ridge suggests that Brooke work from home.

Ridge talks to Taylor about whether Brooke is a threat or not.

Amber tells Oliver she's okay with being second-choice.

Marcus witnesses an awkward moment between Thomas and Madison.

Tuesday November 16:

Brooke is stunned by Thomas's comment.

Eric wants Ridge to drop the men's line.

Oliver thanks Amber.

Taylor confronts Ridge.

Wednesday November 17:

Taylor, Brooke, Ridge, and Thomas have a heated argument.

Stephanie learns that her surgery can be moved up.

Thursday November 18:

Amber has a plan to help Oliver win Hope back.

Hope invites Liam to be her date at a party.

Ridge, Brooke, Eric, and Dayzee support Stephanie at the hospital.

Friday November 19:

Amber wants Oliver to crash Hope's party, but he's reluctant.

Rick tries to keep Thomas from stealing the spotlight from Hope.

Hope tells Madison she wants to take her relationship with Liam to the next level.


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