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SPOILERS FOR week of NOVEMBER 22nd-26th

Having delayed Liam long enough for Oliver to make his move on Hope, Amber allows him to finally get to Hope's party!

As Hope and Oliver share a passionate kiss, Liam walks in on the intimate scene!

Later, Amber offers Oliver future help in´╗┐ landing Hope, in exchange for Oliver agreeing to help her with her "needs"!

Bill, Katie and Donna share their opinions on Hope and Liam's relationship!

Owen defends his love for Jackie to Nick!

As Nick regrets his decision to fire Jackie, she suggests that he take her back so she can help the company rebuild its reputation!

Thomas' involvement with the "Taboo" clothing line prompts mixed feelings from Ridge and his colleagues!

Taylor and Brooke each appeal to Stephanie for her support regarding an argument over Thomas!

B&B will be preempted Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, November 25th and Friday, November 26th due to CBS Sports Programming.


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