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I truly believe that Kim is Kim. What you see is what you get and yes, she's that dumb.

Did you see that Kyle has won all of the WWH polls since the Beverly Hills season started? I guess we aren't the only ones who like her. How weird was that birthday party Taylor had for her little girl? Was the girl crying while they were singing to her!?!?!

That's because Kyle is the most smartest, most genuine, most beautiful of them all, she deserves to win. And don't forget her hubby Mauricio won the poll for hottest hubby. :P

OMG, that party was beyond strange. Way too over the top for a four year old. Can you believe she spent $60k on that party? Holy Geez!!! And come on, giving a four year old a diamond necklace. She'll probably lose it in a week. I can't stand Taylor's husband. Ick. He's so controlling.....and ugly. I guess it's the price you pay to live in the lap of luxury....putting up with an arrogant asshole. Ugh.
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