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For as much as I can't stand YOUR Andy, I do enjoy the WWH show. But that's because of the guests. Nene is one of my favorite guests. And I know you missed it, but Jerry Seinfeld was friggin' hilarious on there. Even with that silly Andy asking him questions.

It may be the real thing with Kim, but I was wondering if she plays more dumb than usual for the show. I only say that because Kandi (when she was on WWH with Ms Patti LaBelle) said that Phaedra is different on the Housewives show than she is in person. She said Phaedra is more fun in person. Who knows. I just can't wait for Nene to give Kim that beat down they previewed at the beginning of the season.

Did you see that Kyle has won all of the WWH polls since the Beverly Hills season started? I guess we aren't the only ones who like her. How weird was that birthday party Taylor had for her little girl? Was the girl crying while they were singing to her!?!?!
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