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Monday November 8:

Taylor shares her concerns about Brooke working with Thomas with her husband.

Oliver thinks his relationship with Hope may not be over after all.

Brooke agrees to go along with Thomas's publicity stunt.

Tuesday November 9:

Thomas and Brooke's publicity stunt stuns the crowd!

Dayzee visits Stephanie and is offered a job at Forrester Creations.

Thomas tells Taylor the real reason behind his actions.

Wednesday November 10:

When Ridge doubts her innocence, Brooke panics.

Thomas defends Brooke.

Ridge receives advice from Stephanie about how to handle things with Brooke.

Thursday November 11:

Stephanie questions Brooke about what happened and keeps her from seeing Ridge.

Hope tells Thomas she's sorry she took the spotlight from his line, but says she disagrees with him causing trouble for Brooke and Ridge.

Brooke is visited by an unexpected person.

Friday November 12:

Full of pride over his publicity stunt, Thomas won't apologize to his father.

Hope tells Oliver she's been thinking about their kiss, and wants to be friends.

Amber makes amends to Oliver.

Week of November 15:

Whip plans a meeting for Ridge and Taylor.

Thomas gets a warning from Brooke.

Eric stands by Stephanie.


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