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Hope unintentionally implies to Oliver that their relationship might not be over.

Taylor tells Whip that she's concerned about Thomas working with Brooke.

Brooke agrees to go along with Thomas' publicity stunt.

Thomas surprises not only the press, but his family, when he shows off his new men's line.

To get the attention of the press, Thomas lays a kiss on his step-mother Brooke during his showstopper.

Thomas' showstopper brings scandal to Forrester Creations.

Dayzee and Stephanie make plans for the future.

Ridge questions Brooke's innocence around the publicity stunt.

Ridge plays referee between his mother and Brooke.

Thomas tries to explain his actions to Hope.

Hope admits to Oliver that she can't stop thinking about their kiss, but she's moved on romantically with Liam and wants to stay just friends.

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