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Why the hell are they moving ATL housewives to Sunday????? Now I'll have nothing to watch on Monday night!

Sheree's and Nene's comments about Phaedra not knowing when her baby was conceived were HI-LAR-I-OUS! And what kind of doctor would induce labor for a preemie just because the mother is uncomfortable? Nene talking about the things she wouldn't put in her vagina was pretty funny, too.

Nene on Celebrity Apprentice could be fun but I can't see her wanting to do all the work they have to do. She seems more like a stand-around-and-look-pretty type.

Camille Grammar is completely annoying. She is the epitome of the vapid, self-absorbed type you'd meet in Los Angeles. I love Kim and Kyle's little smackdowns! Oddly enough, I find Kyle more attractive than her husband. She really is quite beautiful.
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