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Monday, October 25
Taylor lashes out at Brooke for inappropriate behavior with Thomas, who tells his mother to mind her own business;
Amber overhears a discussion calling her new line a disappointment;
Ambers plots to steal designs from Forrester Creations.

Tuesday, October 26
Ridge attempts to play mediator between Brooke and Taylor;
Bill taunts Hope for staring at Oliver;
Hope harshly criticizes Bill about his treatment of Liam;
Amber talks Oliver into taking her home.

Wednesday, October 27
Nick is impressed with Amber's latest designs;
Hope warns Oliver about Amber;
Stephanie comes home from the hospital and immediately wants to get to work helping at the homeless shelter;
Stephanie apologizes to Brooke.

Thursday, October 28
Brooke informs Eric that Stephanie is not recuperating but is instead at the homeless shelter;
Stephanie is convinced that she has found her life's purpose;
Eric explains to Brooke that he had envisioned a different retirement for himself and Stephanie.

Friday, October 29
Stephanie continues to interview homeless people and gains a greater understanding of their plight;
Eric begins to worry that Stephanie encountered trouble downtown;
Brooke ventures downtown to the shelter.


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