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@It's fashion war week as Forrester Creations and Jackie M rush to outshine each other on the catwalk!
@With great enthusiasm, Ridge offers Bridget a job at Forrester!
@Hoping to give Nick more stolen designs, Amber begins flirting with Oliver, and gets him to bring her back to his house!
@A suspicious Hope takes Liam to Oliver's place where they spy Amber breaking into Oliver's computer!
@Shocked by news of the theft, Nick swears he knew nothing´╗┐ about what Amber did, but Amber tells Nick she believes he told her to obtain the designs!
@Following Hope's fashion show, the reporters start to leave before Thomas can present his men's line!
@To catch the media's attention, Thomas convinces Brooke to go along with a publicity stunt he devises!
@Taylor and Ridge are surprised by Thomas' showstopper!
@An instant attraction arises when Marcus and Dayzee are introduced!
@Oliver misinterprets a reassurance from Hope!


November Sweeps Preview from SOD

A scandal " rocks the house of Forrester and makes Ridge, Brooke and Taylor look at their past, their present and their futures as they never have before," teases Head Writer/Executive Producer Bradley Bell.

Stephanie/Brooke/The Forresters: "Sthephanie's life has forver been changed by her illness and her emotional journey on the streets of skid row in downtown Los Angeles. Spending all that meaningful time with Brooke has changed the course of their relationship, too. Or has it? Will Stephanie be able to hold her truce with Brooke after she learns of her most recent scandal?

Hope/OLive/Amber/Nick "In his despair over losing Hope, Oliver finds support in Amber-not realizing her intentions for him aren't exactly on the up-and-up. Amber is duplicitous with Oliver and Nick to get what she wants fr Jackie M; she sabotages the new "Hope for the Future"fashion show, with surprising results. Will the price Oliver pays for his unwitting culpabaility in Amber,s devious scheme push him over the edge? And just how far is he willing to go to reunite with the Hope, the woman he truly loves?

mas/Eric/Hope/Whip ''Thomas convinces Ridge and Eric to allow him to debut a men's line. In an attempt not to be upstaged be Hope or Steffy, Thomas takes advice from his stepfather, publicity maverick Whip, and surprises not only the press, but the family, with a showstopper to end all showstoppers. A scandal ensues."



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