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Spoilers for the Week of Oct 25th

BIG BROTHER 12 houseguests RACHEL REILLY and BRENDON VILLEGAS appear on October 25th and 26th as a waitress and bartender at Bikini Beach

They will interact with Liam (Scott Clifton), Hope (Kim Matula), Bill (Don Diamont), Katie (Heather Tom), and Amber (Adrienne Frantz).

SPOILERS FOR week of OCTOBER 25th-29th

@Thomas orders Taylor to mind her own business about him working with Brooke on the new men's line!
@Taylor's continued insults result in a slap from Brooke, afterward Ridge tries to play referee!
@Amber finds out that her new line for Jackie M was judged disappointing and decides to steal ideas from Forrester, using Oliver!
@After luring Oliver to her home and plying him with tequila until he passes out, Amber takes the designs!
@"Amber's" new designs are a big hit with Nick -- unaware of her Sally Spectra tactics!
@Seeing a hung over Oliver, a concerned Hope urges him to stay away from Amber and take a leave of absence from Forrester!
@Instead of staying at home to recuperate from surgery, Stephanie throws herself into advocating for the homeless!
@Which, is not the way an upset Eric thought Stephanie would spend her last days!
@An overbearing Bill taunts Liam!


Monday, October 25
Brooke gets violent with Taylor;
Amber uses a tactic used by Sally Spectra to get her way.

Tuesday, October 26
Oliver finds comfort in alcohol and another woman;
Ridge tries to referee the battle between Taylor and Brooke.

Wednesday, October 27
Stephanie and Dayzee head for the shelter;
Amber misunderstands Nick's intentions.

Thursday, October 28
Stephanie is moved by the stories of the homeless community.

Friday, October 29
Eric and Ridge have a hard time picturing life without Stephanie;
Brooke and Stephanie try to help the homeless.


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