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Hey you......quit picking on my Andy Cohen! :bitchslap:

Is Lynda the one with the young, hot, boyfriend.....Ebong? If so, then she's my fave. She looks fabulous for her age (I can't believe she's 53!) and that she's almost 20 years older than him. I think they're a great couple. True about Cat being able to dish it out but not take it. I do feel bad that she and her hubby have split. But you could tell during the filming that something was up there.

Totally agree about Tareq Salahi......he is way creepy. And Michaele would be the perfect Stepford Wife. There's like.....nothing there, she's an empty vessel.

Oh My God is right for Beverly Hills! Those ladies are koo koo for cocoa puffs! I really like Kim and Kyle, mostly because I think Kim is more than half out of her mind and they're both going to bring the drama. Kyle is beautiful and she's not even my type! I think Camille is going to be way annoying, and Taylor's face is going to drive me crazy but I think I might like her. Bring on Beverly Hills!

Was Taylor the one with the duck lips? Ugh...the things these people do to their faces in the name of beauty.
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