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You can count on me to be watching them all. As I said before, BRAVO is my default channel.

DC got better as the season went on. Lynda is probably my favorite but I really like Cat, too. I know, I know, she's got a mouth on her....but that's what I like about her. The only problem I have with Cat is that she can dish it out but she can't really take it. The Salahis are just gross people! I don't think Michaele is as bad as Tareq but she's a willing accomplice to a man who may be pure evil. If she didn't do that whole smile, laugh and avoid the subject thing she does, I may have felt sympathetic when the other ladies went after her at the reunion. But she admits or acknowledges little to nothing, so I enjoyed watching the other ladies rip her to shreds. I also loved it that Lynda refused to be in the same room with Tareq, and when that little simp Andy tried to suggest otherwise she wasn't having it.

WOO-HOO for Atlanta! Definitely my favorite of them all. Love that Nene! So far, I'm happy with the new girls. I don't think I'll like Phaedra but I think she's perfect for the show. And that husband of hers is HOT! I loved the Nene/Dwight fight but happy they kissed and made up. Obviously, Nene and Kim aren't going to stay friends for the whole season. Nene is too hot-headed and Kim is too stupid. I can't say I'm a big fan of Kandi's music....."Tardy for the Party" is TERRIBLE!!!! But I did like that song she sang at the club where Nene and Dwight made up. It's not really my kind of music but there was great emotion behind it.

Oh My God is right for Beverly Hills! Those ladies are koo koo for cocoa puffs! I really like Kim and Kyle, mostly because I think Kim is more than half out of her mind and they're both going to bring the drama. Kyle is beautiful and she's not even my type! I think Camille is going to be way annoying, and Taylor's face is going to drive me crazy but I think I might like her. Bring on Beverly Hills!
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