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So who's watching what? After watching a couple of the first DC shows, I skipped most of the ones in the middle and only picked up at the end so I could see what actually transpired when the Salahis crashed the White House state dinner. It was worth it for that although I still don't understand how they were able to get in without an invitation. Their reunion part 1 was brutal. I agree with Bilki.....none of them seem to like each other very much. That English lady, Kat, is kind of mean and although I think Michaele is as phony as phony can get, I felt bad that they all were ganging up on her. She seems very fragile.

I'm in for Atlanta. Love my NeNe! OMG, couldn't believe she went and got in a big ol' fight with her buddy Dwight. Not good! But I'm happy to see that NeNe and wacko Kim are pals again. Sheree cracks me up with some of her comments. She gets more likable as the seasons progress. I'm still not a big fan of Kandi or her music. The new attorney Phaedra and her jailbird hubby are interesting.....I'd like to know their story.

Just watched the Beverly Hills version and all I can say is Oh....My.....God. Camille Grammar has two children and FOUR nannies!!! Please. I remember Kim Richards when she was the Disney "it" kid. Unfortunately, childhood stardom seems to have done a number on her, that lady has definitely issues. Love her sister, Kyle though. Also like the Maloof sister. Can you believe that people actually live like that? :wow:
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