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Wow....I hope they aren't doing that. But I'm not sure why else Ridge and Taylor would be "concerned" about them working together. Honestly if they do that I'll stop watching because enough is enough with the slutty things they have Brooke do. :(

I've been enjoying the show so much the last couple of weeks...seeing the back and forth between Brooke and Stephanie and the bond they are forming. It's like a breath of fresh air (even though it's about stage 4 cancer - I say that because I don't think the intent is to actually kill off steph.) Even having Taylor, Steph's favorite, added to the mix didn't stop the interaction between Brook and Steph. I thought for sure once Taylor knew that Brooke's role in it would be done.

I can not and will not watch anything sexual between Brooke and Thomas...maybe it will just be that Thomas "thinks" he loves her. crap!
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