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Went to go see Never Let Me Go. I have never read the novel so I can't compare, but my understanding is the film is pretty faithful. I thought it was well done, deeply sad, says much more than the story of the 3 individuals whose lives it outlines. Yes, it is obviously about medical ethics but on other levels, it makes you see it as not just a cautionary tale about medical science and potential ethical dilemmas, but also about who we, in society, see as being not exactly untouchable, but as somewhat repulsive, even as we are eager to use them for what they can give us. And whether we don't in fact, use up bits and pieces of people, to sustain our own lives, even as it cost the lives of those who repulse us. And fate--can we ever escape it? The film seems to say that it is as impossible to escape the fate society has laid out for us as the ancients believed it was to escape the fate the gods dictated.

Well acted, beautifully filmed.
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