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SNS SPOILERS FOR week of OCTOBER 11th-15th

-Ridge's moving words stop Brooke from telling him about Stephanie's illness!
-Needing to share what she knows with someone else, Brooke tells Taylor about Stephanie's cancer!
-Taylor and Brooke join forces to assist Stephanie, who turns down Taylor's plea to get treatment!
-The show goes on location circa 1991 when Stephanie takes to the streets and pursues a homeless girl (Dayzee) who took her scarf!
-When she finally finds the girl, Stephanie learns why the scarf means so much to her!
-Oliver confesses to Hope that he wants her back!
-After Hope foolishly tells Steffy to help Liam do better in his next interview with her, Liam and the photographer return to find Steffy modeling lingerie!
-Whip, who had seen Nick and Amber's kiss, questions her about how she got her important job so quickly!



Week of October 11

Thomas and Hope share a moment after Ridge makes a huge announcement.

COMING: Stephanie's loved ones try to get her to change her mind



From Soapcentral:

Brooke and Stephanie discuss heaven

Spoilers -down the road


Monday, October 11
Brooke questions Stephanie about getting cancer treatment;
Thomas and Hope share a moment after Ridge makes a huge announcement.

Tuesday, October 12
Brooke goes back on her promise to Stephanie;
Dr. Lewis visits Stephanie at her home.

Wednesday, October 13
Steffy tries to impress Liam by wearing seductive lingerie;
Brooke and Stephanie engage in a tender moment.

Thursday, October 14
Stephanie comes face to face with Dayzee;
Taylor informs Pam of Stephanie's condition.

Friday, October 15
Stephanie revisits her recent actions;
Brooke befriends a homeless man.



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