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KZ started appearing on OLTL on Friday. Her first full episode was on Monday. She's playing a part she played for 6 months back in the 80s named Echo who back in the day had an affair with a character that now JvD plays.

RN did a guest episode of Criminal Minds, it has yet to air.

Beth C hasn't done any soap roles. She's done other projects, but other than the webseries The Cell, none of them have been released yet.

The last thing I heard about Maeve was she was at the NYC showing of Tina Sloan's play, but there was no news about her and acting.

Beth Ehlers' last day on AMC was within a week of GL going off the air. When TPTB at ABC decided to move AMC to LA, they decide to cut their losses with the character and let Beth took her off contract. Her character Taylor had no write off and just disappeared. She and Frank D are going to be in a show called River Ridge (think that's it) which will be on-line most likely. Signy Coleman is one of the producers. It will be taped in Delaware.
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