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Daytime Royalty

Soap Opera Digest has just learned that John Wesley Shipp has been cast in the role of Eddie, the much-mentioned bad dad of the Ford brothers. Known for his long-running role as Mitch on DAWSON'S CREEK, soap fans will also remember Shipp as evil Doug from 1985-86 on AS THE WORLD TURNS and hunky Kelly on GUIDING LIGHT from 1980-84. Look for Eddie to start making trouble in Llanview in early November.


(SoapOperaNetwork.com) -- In addition to all the new characters coming to Llanview this fall, fans can also look forward to seeing a few familiar faces as well.

With two of Viki's children already in Llanview (Jessica and Natalie), and another on his way back home (Joey), it was only a matter of time before her eldest son Kevin returned to Llanview as well. According to a message posted Thursday evening on his Fan Page on Facebook, "Dan [Gauthier] will be returning to OLTL for a few episodes.. . no air date yet." SON will continue to follow the story and bring you details as they develop.

Gauthier became the 11th actor to tackle the character of Kevin Buchanan when he stepped into the role in 2003. Despite being fired from "One Life to Live" in 2006, he returned briefly in August of 2007 (for the show's 10,000th episode), and then again in October and November of 2009. Gauthier last appeared as Kevin in March of this year.

Gauthier won't be the only familiar face returning to Llanview this fall. Tonye Patano will appear again as Phylicia Evans (and presumably Frankie Faison as her husband Richard Evans as well) during the first week of October when Greg is rushed to the hospital by John McBain, who finds him near death as a result of Eli injecting him with a potentially lethal drug. On Tuesday, October 5, John shocks Mrs. Evans by telling her of her son's connection to Elijah Clarke.

Wondering what has brought Markko Rivera (Jason Tam) back to town? Well, it isn't because of his feelings for Langston, that's for sure. On Monday, September 27, Markko tells his ex that he came home for his parents Aurelia (Ada Maris) and Ernesto (David Piñón) because his father needs non-life threatening surgery.

And, are Ross Rayburn's (Bill Warlock) days in Llanview numbered? On Wednesday, October 6, Ross is shot and pushed into the Llantano River by Eli during a confrontation between the two brothers. Later Todd pulls him from the river just as Dani arrives on the scene...but will it be too late?

In other news...

Congratulations for Kathy Brier (ex-Marcie), who wed her fiancé Jason Munt last weekend.

Sight for sore eyes? Tom Zeman (Morgan Guthrie) and Saundra Santiago (Carlotta) both made appearances earlier this week.

For those asking, the song in the montage at the end of the September 19 episode was Surrender by the group Digital Daggers.

Terrell Tilford (Greg) has added another November airdate -- the 16th -- to his list on his Facebook page. He also comments that Sept. 22nd was an"Enduring day at the studio. Ugh! Tough lines, check...This script is so dense...I keep discovering so much to use!"

Kristen Alderson (Starr) tweets "Thanks everyone for your compliments about my scenes lately.It means a lot.There are so many amazing things that we've been filming that hasn't aired yet, and won't for a while...but I am very proud of them.I am SO blessed to work with the cast on our show," and that she is "Seriously thinking about exploring the 'Dancing With The Stars' idea...that would be a crazy/amazing experience."

And Melissa Archer (Natalie) says she "Very long day [on the set] today [Sept. 21st], but all very good. Sweet dreams!!"


ONE LIFE TO LIVE is also busy in the casting department. The show is looking for an actress to play the contract role of Aubrey, a beautiful, sexy Caucasian woman in her mid 20s-30s. "Aubrey's proper breeding masks her free-spirited nature," reads the description of her


Preview of Echos return to Llanview

Spoilers for the Week of Sept 27th

Starr talks to her mother about James and Cole

Marty offers Cole some advice about Hannah

Starr is stunned to learn that Hannah is living with Marty

Greg takes the witness stand

Rex lies to Bo

Bo questions Clint's intentions

Todd reaches out to Viki

Charlie bumps into a woman from his past

John and Natalie suspect that Greg is up to something


Marty tells Cole Hannah needs space. (Soap Opera Digest)
Markko and Langston get caught up. (Soap Opera Digest)
Jessica wants Natalie to be her maid-of-honor. (Soap Opera Weekly)
Bo is suspicious when Clint wants to help James. (Soap Opera Weekly)
The judge decides who gets custody of Dani. (Soap Opera Weekly)
James suggests Ford apply for a job at the country club. (Cable Guide Spoilers)
Starr confides in Langston. (Cable Guide Spoilers)


Monday, 9/27
Starr confides in Blair that she’s conflicted about her feeling for James.
Marty suggests Cole should give Hannah space.
Markko and Langston reconnect.

Tuesday, 9/28
Will Greg’s testimony help Todd win custody of Dani?
Cole reveals to Starr that Hannah is living with his mom.
Jessica asks Natalie to be her maid-of-honor.

Wednesday, 9/29
Rex isn’t honest when Bo questions him.
Bo becomes suspicious of Clint’s intentions for helping James.
Natalie and Clint talk about her relationship with John.

Thursday, 9/30
The custody trial is decided.
James suggests Ford get a job at the country club.
Starr confides in Langston about her troubles with Cole.

Friday, 10/1
Todd asks Viki for help.
Charlie receives a surprise visit by a woman from his past.
Natalie and John are suspicious of Greg.


OLTL viewers were understandably thrown when Téa was revealed to be alive at the end of the 9/17 episode, after her alleged demise in August. "It's nice not to have to keep that secret anymore," chuckles portrayer Florencia Lozano, who stayed mum on Téa's true fate and admits that even she didn't know at one point if her character would survive. "There were many times where I didn't know and there was totally the possibility that she was going to die," she tells Soap Opera Digest. Now that it's been explained that Eli forced Greg to fake Téa's death, Lozano urges viewers to stay tuned. "There are some good twists that are going to happen," she promises. "A lot of s---'s gonna down down." For an extended interview with the actress, be sure to check out upcoming issues of Digest and Soap Opera Weekly.


Dani's not fooled when Todd shows up to give her a lift to court. She knows Todd plans to escape with her in tow. Todd then pressures Greg to testify about Tea's true wishes, which backfires when Greg states under oath that Tea was clear that she wanted Ross to raise Dani. Destiny tries to get Dani to make a choice. Blair informs Dani and Destiny of Greg's testimony in court, and Destiny confronts Greg. Blair tries to keep Todd from playing into Ross's hands. Ross wins legal custody. Ross produces a recording of Todd threatening his life and informs the court that for their safety, he and Dani will be returning to Tahiti immediately. John and Natalie try to figure out why Greg would change his story on the witness stand and perjure himself, and come up with one possible explanation. Eli learns John is still on his trail. John and Natalie's suspicions point them in the direction of the hospice. Todd asks Viki to help him hide Dani. Todd, Dani and Destiny say their emotional farewells. Greg tells Eli he needs brain surgery. Dani and Shaun discuss Greg's behavior.

Starr discusses her muddled feelings for James with Blair. Ford tries to divert James' attention from Langston. James comes to Nate's rescue. Nate seeks help from James to keep Dani in Llanview. Cole tells Starr that Hannah is living with Marty. Gigi is finding success at Llanview U. Clint offers to help Inez's sons over a romantic dinner. Jessica asks Natalie to be her maid of honor.

Ford discourages James from trying to find out who set him up with the damning photos on Monday, September 27.

Greg shocks Todd by telling the judge that Tea wanted Ross to raise Dani on Tuesday, September 28.

Natalie and Clint talk about her relationship with John; Natalie and Rex reconnect on Wednesday, September 29.

Starr confides in Langston about her troubles with Cole on Thursday, September 30.

Charlie receives a surprise visit by a woman from his past on Friday, October 1.


(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — A look at what's happening on "One Life to Live" during the week of September 27, 2010.


Brody lets Jessica know that he is working on accepting the fact that he may not be the father of her baby. Jessica asks Natalie to be her maid-of-honor. Rex is happy that things are going well for Gigi at LU. Rex and Natalie reconnect. Natalie and Clint talk about her relationship with John on Wednesday, September 29. Rex is less than honest with Bo. And Charlie receives a visit from an old friend on Friday, October 1.

The Inside Story: Ulterior Motives

Dani realizes Todd is planning for them to go on the run together when he arrives to give her a ride to court. On Tuesday, September 28, Todd forces Greg into testifying at the custody hearing. However, once on the stand, he is shocked to hear Greg say that Téa wanted Ross to raise Dani in the event of her death. Todd picks a fight with Greg after listening to him while under oath. Blair warns Todd that he's giving Ross exactly what he wants by causing a scene. Destiny urges Dani to be honest about which dad she'd rather live with, and the two girls are surprised when Blair tells them what Greg said in court. Destiny confronts Greg regarding his about face on Thursday, September 29. The judge grants custody of Dani to Ross. Todd's hopes of being granted visitation rights are quickly dashed when Ross hands over the tape of Todd threatening to kill him. Ross informs the judge he plans to take Dani back to Tahiti as soon as possible. John and Natalie wonder why Greg is corroborating Ross' story. Eli learns that John is still snooping around looking for clues. And Starr learns her father lost in court. By Friday, October 1, Todd asks Viki to help him hide Dani from Ross. However, he, Dani, and Destiny soon share an emotional farewell. Nate asks James to help him keep Dani in Llanview. John and Natalie believe that Greg's frequent trips to the hospice center are connected to Eli. Meanwhile, Greg tells Eli that he needs brain surgery to survive. And Destiny and Shaun talk about Greg's erratic behavior and how the police have been asking questions about him.

A Closer Look: Scorned Lovers

Starr admits to Blair on Monday, September 27 that she has conflicting feelings for James. Marty urges Cole to give Hannah some breathing room so she can sort out her feelings for him. Ford tries to persuade James against finding out who set him up. Markko tells Langston that his dad is scheduled to have non-life threatening surgery. Cole informs Starr that Hannah is now living with his mom on Tuesday, September 28. James comes to Nate's aid when his car breaks down. Inez tells Nora that Clint arranged for James to get the grant to LU. Bo is suspicious of Clint's true motives for helping James. On Thursday, September 30, James suggests Ford apply for a job at the Llanview Country Club. While out to dinner, Clint tells Inez that he wants to help Ford as well. Langston contemplates confessing to the dean, and tells Starr that Markko is back in town. And Starr talks to Langston about her and Cole's problems.


Spoilers for the Week of September 27, 2010

Todd makes plans to run away with Dani

Todd wants Greg to testify that Téa intended to spend her final moments with Todd and Dani

Greg testifies that Téa admitted that she wanted Dani to be raised by Ross

Blair fears that Todd is doing exactly what Ross wants him to

Destiny calls Greg out for lying on the witness stand

The judge grants Ross custody of Dani

Ross announces his intentions to move to Tahiti with Dani

Todd asks his sister to help him and Dani

Eli discovers that John is asking questions

John and Natalie begin to suspect that Greg might be hiding Eli

Greg insists that Eli requires brain surgery

Ford doesn't want James to snoop around to find out who had sent the pictures to the dean

James is on hand when Nate's car breaks down

Bo questions why Clint is helping James

Clint continues to romance Inez and help her sons

Markko explains he's home for a brief visit because his father is having surgery

Brody tries to accept that the baby might not be his

Rex and Natalie commiserate over their lies

Blair is concerned about Todd's state of mind

John finds Greg clinging to life

The stress takes its toll on Jessica

Ross and Eli confront each other at the docks

Starr makes a startling discovery in her apartment

Natalie finds James' necklace

John questions Nate about where Dani is

Echo admits to Viki that she returned to Llanview for a specific reason

Greg wakes up long enough to say one word


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