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Sep 22 2010, 03:14 PM
So I know I have a dirty mind but did anyone else snicker when Lucinda offered to fund an endowment in Reid's name and Luc responded with a smirk on his face "An endowment! I don't know if Reid would like it but I sure would!".

I watched with a friend and we kept rewinding and laughing hysterically!!!
Hahaha......you guys are terrible! I didn't even notice that. Leave it to you, Scorpio! :lmfao:

LOL ... funny you mentioned that because I just watched 'The Jersey Shores' with Ashley yesterday.

Seriously? Now, I can watch me some reality shows but I tried to watch this one and couldn't get through ten minutes of it. It's awful! I hate the way they film it. The same way with The Hills. I lasted maybe five minutes when I tried to watch it. I think I'll stick with more highbrow fare such as The Real World and all of the Housewives! :P
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