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Sep 21 2010, 11:12 AM
Kim was her favorite character. And I watched with my grandmother back in the 70's. I think she was partial to Dr. Bob.
I know I've told these stories before but my mom & dad knew Kim (Kathryn Hays) when she worked as a model at the Ford Model Agency. My dad was a photographer and my mom was the office manager. They had kept in touch for a long time afterward but eventually lost touch.

I saw Lisa (Eileen Fulton) when I was just 17. Eileen Fulton was at Bergdorf Goodman trying on shoes and I was passing through trying to find a bathroom! I stalked the poor woman while she shopped and never got the nerve to go up to her. She was so glamorous and I was a teenage bum looking for a bathroom in a store where I couldn't afford the toilet paper. :P

I use to watch ATWT with my mom and grandma. My grandma is no longer alive and my mother isn't with it enough to know what is going on. I remember being devastated that Betsy had died and my grandma informed me that Betsy would be back with a face lift and the actress that played her (Meg Ryan) would be just fine. Grandma was always right.

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