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Sep 19 2010, 11:32 PM
In a way this show ending was sadder to me than losing GL, which was a part of my soul. My mom got me started on soaps with ATWT. I was only 3 when I started watching Nancy, Chris, Ellen, Claire, Penny, and the others with her.

It is intensely depressing for me to lose these huge parts of my life. They were awful at the end, but it's still like losing a loved one who has had a terminal illness and is doing very badly just before passing.

There will always be a void in my heart where these shows once fondly resided.
Manifan--ditto to EVERYTHING you said. So many of us have similar stories. Although my mom quit watching, I used to watch with her back in the 80's. Kim was her favorite character. And I watched with my grandmother back in the 70's. I think she was partial to Dr. Bob. I think it's way sadder losing this one because at least when we lost GL, we still had ATWT to fall back on so it kind of lessened the blow. I've watched several other soaps throughout the years but none with the regularity or longevity of GL or ATWT. :(
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