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Sep 18 2010, 02:29 PM
Finale is one month after Thursday... Bob retires. Casey and Ali are moving. Margo and Katie are gonna trade houses. Barbara and Paul dissolve BRO. Lucinda retires. John is Acting Chief, with Chris assumed to have it if he wants it, but he's not sure.

Henry and Barbara reprise their 'Last Dance'.

Second-to-last scene is Jack and Carly. Last scene is Bob and Kim, and Bob finishes packing up his office. Light special on a spinning globe in a dark room. Schmaltzy music. Okay.

GL's end felt more emotional, even though there are more vets with longer runs (Bob, Lisa, Kim, Susan, John, Barbara) present here. Oh, well.

I finally watched the finale this morning.....I've been putting it off. And I thought it was surprisingly good! Loved the narration by Bob, it reminded me of one of those sweet Christmas episodes where nothing really happens but they feature all of the characters and remind you why you love them.

Casey and Ali--I could care less. Although I loved the scenes with Margo (looking appropriately distraught and unkempt) and Tom with her lamenting how much she will miss Casey when he leaves. There was a nice touch of reality in those tears because you just KNOW that she's thinking about the show ending instead.

Henry and Babs were awesome. They were the only bright and shining spot for me in a sad, nostalgic, bittersweet episode. I will miss these characters.

Katie and Chris--who cares? Not me, I'm still mad that he has Reid's heart. :rant: And not invested in this couple enough to give a damn. But still, I've always loved TC and DC so I do appreciate their scenes together. It's too bad there wasn't enough time to really explore that relationship.

John and Lucinda--LOVED them ending up together! And the scenes with John and Lisa were a hoot. THANK GOD LARRY B. WAS BACK FOR THE END!!!

Luke-- :wub1: The only time I got teary-eyed was when Katie gave him Reid's stethoscope and he listened to "Reid's" heart. The look on his face was priceless. So sweet and touching. I miss Luke already! Hey......maybe Van Hansis will go to Y&R! :P

Loved Jack and Carly waking up together and her fear that they were "boring". Haha! NEVER. I will miss these two even though Jack annoyed me most of the time. Carly is one of my most favorite soap characters of all time. So thrilled Maura West finally won her Emmy and I look forward to seeing her on Y&R.

I actually liked this finale better than GL's. Probably because I was more of a regular viewer of this show at the end. At any rate, it's definitely the end of an era.
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