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So pre-finale, Parker wants to be a cop. Craig lets Gabriel go, but in so doing, may eventually have an okay relationship with him. Dusty is the father of Janet's baby. Jack and Carly re-marry, and she's pregnant.

Finale doesn't include Craig, Rosanna, Parker, Faith... they're already done, but there ARE deleted scenes out there with them (worth watching if you like those characters, but a lot of the scenes are extra-silly, too) - http://video.tvguide.com/As+the+World+Turns/As+The+World+Turns++Behind+the+Scenes+Finale+Extras/6389159?autoplay=true

Couples round-up:

Married and together - Bob & Kim, Dusty & Janet (Right? They got married, didn't they?), Jack & Carly, Henry & Barbara, Paul & Emily, Tom & Margo.

Engaged - Casey & Ali, Chris & Katie.

Back together - John & Lucinda.

Of course, they're gonna get there - Holden & Lily.

Kinda sorta dating, probably - Parker & Faith.

Might happen again - Luke & Noah, Craig & Rosanna.


Finale is one month after Thursday... Bob retires. Casey and Ali are moving. Margo and Katie are gonna trade houses. Barbara and Paul dissolve BRO. Lucinda retires. John is Acting Chief, with Chris assumed to have it if he wants it, but he's not sure.

Henry and Barbara reprise their 'Last Dance'.

Second-to-last scene is Jack and Carly. Last scene is Bob and Kim, and Bob finishes packing up his office. Light special on a spinning globe in a dark room. Schmaltzy music. Okay.

GL's end felt more emotional, even though there are more vets with longer runs (Bob, Lisa, Kim, Susan, John, Barbara) present here. Oh, well.


I watched daytime soaps for a quarter of a century, and now I don't any more. Hm. Feels weird.

In a few months, I'll try to check out Zimmer and Ver Dorn on OLTL, or West on Y&R... I know AMC still has a bunch o' people on it that I like...

But I don't have any interest in picking up another daily soap habit. I will probably watch The Daily Show and Colbert Report and Conan more often, maybe.


Really bothers me that Henry's wacky mother killed James Stenbeck last year 'for real'.

I'm fine with Babs and Paul and Emily 'exorcising their demons' and burning his picture and stuff, but... I really needed him alive. I didn't have to see another 'attack' on his family or anything, just... we should have seen him lurking in the shadows somewhere. He can't be killed. And if he HAD to be killed, it shouldn't have been in such a spectacularly stupid manner.

Oh, well.

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