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Sep 14 2010, 09:50 AM
I haven't watched in months but a friend let me know this was the last week so I tuned in yesterday. I was shocked to see John and I'm sorry I missed him last week.

I'll watch for the next 4 days but I'm so lost on storyline that I'll just be tuning in to say goodbye to the vets.
Yes, John was a definite treat last week. It was amazing how easily he fell back into that role and how great it was to watch him and Lucinda sparring as usual.

I wouldn't even waste my time watching this final week. I'm trying but it's been godawful. Now that John's gone, Henry and Babs got their happy ending, and they KILLED OFF MY REID :rant: , there's not much else to watch. Even the CarJack reunion seems forced and too quick. This is painful. I'll seriously be glad when it's done. :(
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