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>> don't think he was on ATWT before.

Rebhorn was, in a similarly creepy role... Bradley Raines was Beth's stepfather and rapist on GL, but on ATWT, Henry Lange molested his daughter, Angel (a sweet girl that was married to Holden for a bit - and they adopted a baby on Christmas, Noel... after they divorced, she married Holden's brother, Seth...).


The John/Margo and John/Lucinda scenes are well-played, but bothersome in that there's STILL no explanation given for John's absence over the years... fine, they never wrote in even a stray line of dialogue that he'd ever LEFT town, but now they've established that he did... but WHY, and WHY has he not kept up contact with anybody, WHY did he neglect to aide Lucinda through her cancer period... that she's annoyed with him and he's apologetic is something, but WHY is a question that ought to have been asked AND answered by the show...
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