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Sep 8 2010, 07:25 PM
Script writing has been very poor. Just terrible, awful material.
Can't argue with you there. This is painful. In a really bad, hate to watch way.

I was surprised to see James Rebhorn - hadn't read he was going to be on. Reid's uncle is also Holden's former father-in-law. Huh.

Ugh. The only thing I could think was "Yuck, it's creepy Bradley Raines!"

I agree about Lucinda and John.....they are like a breath of fresh air. So glad EH talked Larry Brygmann into coming back to the show. It's been a real treat.

TamJonFan--I don't know a thing about the PGP board.......haven't posted there in years. Hopefully someone can figure it out.
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