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Ahhh.....so it's Danielle that won't be back. That is great news. Now maybe Dina will come back! It wasn't as much fun this season with EVERYTHING seeming to revolve around Danielle and their fighting with her. A little is okay but not the entire show. I think I saw in the previews from the part 2 of the reunion show that Caroline and Teresa have words about how bad Teresa's kids were in Italy. OMG!!! I wouldn't go on a vacation with Teresa, that jackass hubby of hers, OR her demon kids if you paid me. Caroline and her hubby were saints for putting up with their nonsense. Those kids are so spoiled, I don't think the word discipline is even in their dictionary. Haha.....not that Teresa would read a dictionary. The part on the girls and their misuse of the English language was a hoot!

I just read this about Bethenny......no surprise here. The last season of the NY Housewives killed her friendship with Jill. I know I'm in the minority but I truly enjoyed her own show, I would watch it again. I *heart* Jason...he is the best hubby in the world. Plus, I need to see more of the wedding planner! :P

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