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I just watched the reunion show......holy crap, what a fiasco! Never have I seen one of these reunion shows THAT tense.......and intense. Everyone knows that Danielle is a nutjob but Teresa comes in a close second the way she lost it. The first season it was kind of funny when she knocked over the table in anger but now her wild, unruly rage is just annoying. She needs to get a grip. So I take it that another person quits the show? And I can only assume that person would be Caroline. I don't see how on earth this show could go on for another season after losing two of its main players. And Kim G. does NOT even come close to being as interesting as Dina or Caroline! Speaking of which, Caroline lost 25 lbs. Good for her! I thought she looked great.

I have to agree about Danielle's kids not having that innocent light in their eyes, especially the younger one. Both girls look rather haunted to me.

Loved seeing my Andy Cohen again!!! :clap:
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