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Blind Item:
How Dead Is Dead?

Think you've seen the last of One Life to Live's Florencia Lozano (Tea)? According to a setside source, the actress was still taping scenes as recently as last week. Is OLTL pulling a switcheroo?


With the recent announcement Brandon Buddy is out the newest announcement spoiled by SON is that Roger Howarth will return. ABC will only say "We don't comment on rumors". There are so many different scenarios that all I can say is we will just have to wait and see....Sources have now revealed that the so called big meeting was not to announce the return of Howarth, or that the show is being canceled, but to let all the actors know that tweeting and face book was to be only for personal use and not to discuss any stories or future stories, and in no way discuss any activity on set. They recently did the same at GH so I guess AMC is next. Talk about freedom of speech!!!!....How about dear old Uncle Clint putting David in jail for 20 yrs, but my darlings you ain't seen nothing yet! With David locked away for his trickery to get rid of Kim, now Clint will be going after Matthew to get even with Bo for taking Nora away. We have just seen the tip of the iceberg when Uncle Clint takes Matthew under his wing, you will be amazed how rotten this kid can really be. Will Bo and Nora realize in time what their son is becoming or will it be too late?....Where has Roxy Balsom been? Ilene Kristen is one of the most talented and respected actresses in soaps today and she hasn't worked in 3 months. She has over twenty five years of loyalty and dedication to the genre, and especially to ABC. Her character of Roxy Balsom is an inspiration and has much untapped potential. It's time she has her "own" story!


More Fall Previews:

Clint/Echo/Viki/Bo/Nora/Dorian/Inez: Viki has big story coming up. Echo comes back to town. She's tied to Viki's past and other characters as well. She'll shake things up for Clint/Viki/Dorian and some young characters. Clint becomes more like Asa. Clint has an agenda to get back at people who have wronged him. Clint takes an interest in Inez, who works for Bo.

Eli/Blair/Ross/Todd/Dani: Eli is pretty bad but there is some goodness in him and that's that his love for Blair is genuine. She's his weakness. Eli's love for Blair becomes a complication for him as he's trying to execute his plan. He did something to Tea's will that will play out after Tea's death. There's a reason why Eli needed Tea dead. There are a lot of twist and turns and everytime you think Eli is done, he comes back for more. Ross comes back and it will be a mystery as to how connected her is to his brother's schemes. Todd is in bad shape. He's trying to step up for Dani but he will be making bad choices. Todd leans on Blair since he's lost his wife.

Jessica/Brody/Natalie/John: Both sisters are trying to figure out who the father of their babies are. Brody and John are building a friendship so it will be an even bigger betrayal down the line. This can end with two happy endings, one happy ending, or zero happy endings. Brody's feelings for Natalie's baby may change when he learns that Jessica's might not be his.

Cristian/Layla: They get exciting news that complicates their wedding plans.

Kelly/Rex/Gigi: Kelly and Rex are still interacting and it goes beyond Eli stuff. There's a spark between them but right now they are just friends. Gigi and Rex are trying to get their relationship back on track.

LU: The college becomes a focus. Gigi will begin interacting with Cristian who now teaches there. Ford also teaches there. Langston, Starr, and James are starting college. Ford has fallen for Langtson. Starr and Cole are trying to make thinsg work. Starr is being pulled towards James and Cole is being pulled towards Hannah.

Sneak Peeks:

Blair & Eli marry. Cole confronts Ford. Destiny has harsh words for Matthew. Marty visits Hannah. John runs into Ross in Tahiti. Can't Miss: Friday, Sept. 3: Kelly and Rex grow closer.

Week Of 9/6: Natalie learns Jessica's baby may not be Brody's. Todd turns to Marty. Jessica tells Brody the truth. Brody goes after Ford.



Destiny thinks Matthew's personality is taking a dark turn. Clint asks Matthew to be his apprentice at Buchanan Enterprises on Tuesday, August 31. While Bo doesn't think it is a good idea, Matthew assures him it would be a good learning experience for him. Clint meets Inez and is intrigued to learn that she is working for Bo. Matthew doesn't like it that his dad hired Nate's mom. Elsewhere in Llanview, Clint surprises Dorian in her bedroom on Monday, August 30, and toys with her about being jilted once again by David. While planning for their wedding, Cristian learns he has received a grant to work on his art in association with a museum in Philadelphia, while Lalya is offered a job designing clothes in Paris. Greg and Vivian vie for the Chief of Staff position at the hospital on Thursday, September 2. Jessica talks with Vivian about receiving advance treatment for Rh disease, and is forced to lie after running into Viki while at the hospital. On Friday, September 3, Jessica tells Kelly that Ford's blood type doesn't match hers and that she'll need to get a shot to ensure the baby remains healthy. Brody and Natalie continue to feel guilty over lying to Jessica and John. And Natalie confides to Gigi her fear that John will find out the truth.

The Inside Story: Is the Third Time the Charm?

Despite suffering from a twinge of doubt, Blair proceeds with marrying Eli on Monday, August 30. Not long after the "I do's," Blair receives a call from Kelly, who tells her everything that John has found out about Eli. Now suspicious, Blair confronts her new husband about the murders of his first two wives, and asks if she is do be the third. At same time, John, Kelly, and Rex realize that Ross is alive. John is informed by the authorities in Tahiti that 'Eli' has been taken into custody. Meanwhile, Todd and Dani are devastated by Téa's 'death.' On Tuesday, August 31, Blair holds Eli at gunpoint, while John tells Bo he's headed to Tahiti to bring Eli back to Llanview. Todd comforts Dani. James promises Ford that he will stay away from Langston. James, Ford, and Nate call a truce. Starr dances around her feelings for James when questioned by Langston, reasserting that she loves only Cole. Langston tells Starr she will stop seeing James out of respect for her. James takes the news in stride, realizing what is really going on. And later, the girls are shocked to learn that Ford will be teaching their creative writing class at LU. Blair refuses to believe Eli's claims of innocence on Wednesday, September 1. However, he quickly realizes he must confess everything to his new bride. Still asserting that he really does love her, Eli tries to persuade Blair to go on the run with him. But, after learning the truth, she wants nothing more to do with him, and is ready to call the police. The newlyweds wrestle for the gun, which accidentally goes off.

A Closer Look: 'Til Death Do Us Part

Back in Llanview, Kelly and Rex stop by his loft, where she tells him how much she appreciates all his help. Ford explains to Cole that Eli was threatening him, when Cole confronts him for lying about Hannah attacking him. Starr learns her mother is in big trouble. Cole asks Nora about what will happen to Hannah now, to which she reminds him that she will still face charges that she obstructed justice. Marty visits Hannah to tell her that she now knows the truth. By Thursday, September 2, John arrives in Tahiti, were he is shocked to learn that it's actually Ross that has been taken into custody, and not Eli. Leaving Ross is deal with his own problems, John continues his search for Blair and Eli. Ross, meanwhile, manages to talk his way out of a tight spot. At the same time, Eli collapses after being shot. As Blair reaches over to see if he is still alive, an overturned oil lamp catches the curtains on fire. Despite her best efforts to stop the blaze, the fire continues to spread. John soon arrives on the scene and saves Blair, but is unable to rescue Eli. Todd and Dani return to Llanview. Destiny and Nate express their sympathy by having a bunch of food sent to Todd's house. Starr blasts Cole for keeping her in the dark about Eli. Langston doesn't buy Ford's explanation that she was one of the reasons he kept quiet. On Friday, September 3, Blair is unnerved when Eli's charred body is removed. Starr tells Todd she wants to plan a memorial service for Téa. Rex and Kelly share a warm moment upon learning of Eli's demise. And Langston breaks off from kissing Ford, remaining unwilling to trust him yet again.


Natalie discovers Brody may not be the father of Jessica's baby. (Soap Opera Digest)
Todd seeks Marty's advice. (Soap Opera Digest)
Jessica makes a confession to Brody. (Soap Opera Digest)
Brody confronts Ford. (Soap Opera Weekly)
Dani and Jack learn Eli is dead. (Soap Opera Weekly)
Natalie considers being honest with John. (Soap Opera Weekly)
Dani receives a cryptic text message. (National Enquirer)
Greg gets a mysterious phone call. (National Enquirer)
Natalie informs John that there is something he needs to know. (National Enquirer)
Cole warns James once more. (National Enquirer)
Todd confesses to Dani that he lied about Ross. (Cable Guide Spoilers)
Greg is surprised by what he finds at the hospice center. (Cable Guide Spoilers)
Langston confides in Starr. (Cable Guide Spoilers)


Poor Blair. Here she thinks she's finally found her knight in shining armor. Little does she know just how tarnished that armor really is. Will she take the plunge this week and say "I do" to Eli? We think not. Especially as things between them take a turn for the worse. Before mid week, Blair points a gun at Eli. There's a struggle. In fact, Blair and Eli literally wrestle for the gun. Will any shots be fired?
At the same time, Cristian and Layla get both good and bad news. They are offered new and exciting opportunities. The problem is that they could be separated if they accept them. What will they do? Meanwhile, John, Kelly and Rex figure out that Ross is alive. What tips them off?

While on the other side of Llanview, Ford and James declare a truce. Speaking of Ford, Starr and Langston sign up for a writing class and learn Ford will be their teacher. Shortly thereafter, Starr learns that her mother is in danger. How will Starr deal with the news? As Starr tries to cope, Marty visits Hannah to tell her she knows she wasn't the one who killed her baby. That's gotta make Hannah feel a bit better. Or dies it?


Blair says "I do" just before taking Kelly's phone call and learning all the latest news about her groom. Blair confronts Eli, and holds him at gun point. Eli swears his innocence but ultimately confesses. He tells Blair he truly loves her and wants her to go on the run with him, but Blair's not having any of it. When Blair tries to notify the police, Eli makes a grab for the gun and it goes off. Meanwhile, John, Kelly and Rex learn Ross is alive. The police in Tahiti notify John that they've apprehended Eli. John plans to go to Tahiti to extradite him. When John arrives in Tahiti, he discovers Ross instead of Eli and takes off to find Eli and Blair. Eli collapses from the gun shot and as Blair moves to help him she knocks over an oil lamp setting the curtains on fire. Blair tries to put out the fire. John arrives in time to rescue Blair from the burning building, but the flames are too fierce for him to return for Eli. Blair is horrified when a charred body is discovered and confirmed to be Eli. Kelly shows her gratitude to Rex for helping her find her mother's killer. They later bond when they learn of Eli's death.

Clint mocks Dorian about David leaving her. Clint offers Matthew an internship at Buchanan Enterprises. Clint is intrigued by Bo's new assistant. Destiny warns Matthew he's displaying some unsavory personality traits. Cris and Layla plan their wedding, but Cris has an opportunity in Philly, and Layla is offered a design job in Paris. Ford and Starr persuade James and Langston not to see each other anymore. Ford explains to Cole that Eli forced him to lie about Hannah. Cole queries Nora about Hannah's legal problems. Jessica confides in Kelly that she'll have to take medications because Ford's blood type is incompatible with hers. Brody and Natalie worry together. Natalie tells Gigi she is concerned what will happen if John learns he may not be the father of her baby. Langston breaks off a kiss with Ford, and resists is appeals to give him another chance.

Todd and Dani learn that Tea died, and Dorian is shocked to find Clint in her bedroom on Monday, August 30.

Starr denies real feelings for James and says she loves Cole on Tuesday, August 31.

Eli wrestles Blair for the gun and it goes off and Marty visits Hannah on Wednesday, September 1.

John rescues Blair, but Eli perishes in the fire on Thursday, September 2.

Kelly and Rex grow closer over the news of Eli's death on Friday, September 3.

One expectant mother comes clean about her baby's paternity. Marty displays a forgiving nature. Greg receives a mysterious phone call.


Spoilers for the Week of August 30, 2010

Blair marries Eli

Blair fears she might end up dead like Eli's other two wives

John is relieved when the Tahiti police assure him that Eli is in custody

Eli is forced to come clean to Blair

A shot rings out when Blair and Eli struggle for a gun

John is stunned to learn that Ross, not Eli, was apprehended by the police

Ross talks his way out of jail

A fire breaks out while Blair checks to see if she killed Eli

John manages to rescue Blair from the inferno

Todd and Dani are devastated when they are told that Téa has died

Clint rubs salt in Dorian's wound

Destiny fears that Matthew is slipping to the dark side

Matthew resents that Bo hired Nate's mother

Clint invites Matthew to apprentice at Buchanan Enterprises

James, Ford, and Nate start to get to know each other as brothers

Starr and Langston are surprised to learn that Ford is their new teacher

Cole confronts Ford for lying about Hannah

Nora warns Cole that Hannah will still face charges for obstruction of justice

Cris and Layla are offered opportunities that could pull them apart

Greg and Vivian vie for the position of Chief of Staff

Spoilers for Next Week

Jessica admits to Brody that he might not be the baby's father

Brody threatens to kill Ford

Natalie decides to have a talk with John about the baby

Todd turns to Marty for help

Greg is stunned by what he discovers when he returns to the hospice

Dani learns that Todd lied about Ross

Spoilers for down the road: Fall preview

Cristian and Layla's wedding plans hits a bit of a speed bump

Kelly and Rex's friendship continues to grow

Starr struggles with her possible feelings for James

Echo DiSavoy returns to Llanview and collides with Viki

Clint begins to become more like Asa

Jessica and Natalie continue to try to figure out "who's the daddy"

Paths cross at Llanview University


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