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Soaptown Spoilers

Week of August 23:

- Lucinda receives a mysterious phone call and visits the caller – Ralph.
- Craig’s attitude gets him pushed in the pool – twice.
- Jack comes to Dusty’s rescue.
- Holden’s lack of concern for Lily irks Faith.

Coming soon

- Carly and Jack’s relationship comes full circle.
- Rosanna returns to Oakdale to celebrate a happy occasion.
- Lucinda gets some harsh criticism from John Dixon.
- Lily and Holden help Luke cope in his time of loss.
- Janet’s contractions begin.


You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you'd be really hard pressed to try fooling Craig. It's like trying to kid a kidder. All these warn out clichés not with standing, it would appear that Blackthorn has indeed put one over on Craig. We know this because Craig is nothing short of shocked when he learns about Blackthorn's associates. What will be Craig's next move?
Craig will taunt Lucinda, of course! First, however, Lucinda receives a mysterious phone call. Is it good news or bad? More importantly, who is on the other end of the line? As we try to decipher the meaning behind Lucinda's phone conversation, Craig flaunts his relationship with Lily in front of Lucinda. Never one to stand idly by and watch Lily engage in something that Lucinda finds inappropriate – like a relationship with Craig – Lucinda may very well take matters into her own hands. What will be her next move?

In the meantime, the goose could be cooked for Dusty as Janet closes in on his whereabouts. Will she actually find him this week? Speaking of Dusty, get this. Jack comes to Dusty's defense! What makes Jack stand up for Dusty?

Finally, the week takes a soulful turn as Holden tries to explain his relationship with Lily to Faith. Will Faith buy in to Holden's tale of his ups and downs with Lily?


SOD: Anthony Herrera will be back before the end of the show.

James Stenbeck will appear as a hallucination during Henry & Barbara's wedding

Monday, 8/23
Craig is surprised to learn about Blackthorn's associates; Lucinda gets a mysterious phone call.

Tuesday, 8/24
Craig flaunts his relationship with Lily in front of Lucinda; Janet closes in on Dusty's location.

Wednesday, 8/25
Jack comes to Dusty's defense; Holden tries to explain his relationship to Faith.

Thursday, 8/26
Chris confronts Reid for telling Luke about his condition; Henry reacts to his lack of support from Barbara.

Friday, 8/27
Katie wonders what is wrong with Chris; Bob and Kim see someone check into the Lakeview.


Carly asks Jack to call off the investigation into Blackthorn's business dealings. She's worried that Jack will be consumed by the details of Blackthorn's connections with Ralph and the circumstances surrounding Brad's death. Jack, however, defends himself saying that his interest in this case has nothing to do with that. Jack later discovers that Blackthorn has crossed paths with Dusty. Meanwhile, Dusty continues to be held against his will by Blackthorn's thugs. He tries to escape and is almost free before he is recaptured just as Janet enters the room. She is still unaware that he is in the pantry but becomes suspicious when she hears a noise. Blackthorn quickly shrugs it off and offers to meet her later at another location. Dusty is then dragged outside where Blackthorn threatens to kill him.

Carly tells Janet that she should stay away from Blackthorn but Janet is angered by her accusations. Lily and Carly argue about the perfume company. Jack and Carly discover that Lucinda was behind the plot to ruin Craig. Lily is still furious at Lucinda. Craig insinuates to Lucinda that he and Lily are a couple and upset, she pushes him into the pool at the spa. Ralph reveals that he knew Lucinda as Mary Ellen Walters. He wants her to go on the run with him. Faith wants Holden to be more concerned with her mother's relationship with Craig. She knows that Holden still has feelings for her but he responds that love needs to find him -- he can't keep running after it.


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