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Daytime Royalty

From the Aug. 16-29 of TV Guide:

Elizabeth Hubbard personally asked Larry Bryggman to return to the show as Lucinda's ex-husband and cantankerous soul mate Dr. John Dixon, and he agreed - a huge surprise considering the legendary actor didn't exit on the best of terms. (He took a hike in 2004 when asked -- after 35 years -- to work off-contract. Bryggman's character will arrive August 27 to help Chris (Daniel Cosgrove), who is suffering from a deadly heart condition. "While John is in town, he and Lucinda will reunite," Hubbard reports. "At the end of the show they leave Oakdale and go off to Amsterdam together, which I think the fans will like. It was nice to end all those years of drama with a little fun."

From the Aug. 24 issue of Soap Opera Weekly:

Editor's Opinion:
I'm trying to focus on mourning the end of ATWT and not kvetching about who ends up with whom, but I'm a little bummed Molly and Holden were split up to tease a Holden and Lily endgame. Holden balanced Molly's wild streak and accepted her flaws; Molly brought out Holden's playful side, reminding us that he hasn't always been the "safe" choice. To me, edging back toward Holden and Lily is also a safe choice. I just don't know that "they have history" is a good basis for reunion. Does history really trump a couple not being good for each other? At least Carly and Jack are trying to change their destructive patterns. Holden running to Lily's rescue, and Lily falling for Craig and Lucinda's manipulation, are just verses of the same old song. Can't the characters end the show by moving on and making a fresh start?--Mala Bhattacharjee, ATWTeditor@soapoperaweekly.com

For the Week of Aug. 16:
Carly tries to seduce Blackthorn into admitting his wrongdoing.
Gabriel informs Craig and Lily about Lucinda's role in the perfume company scam.
Noah tells Luke he saw Reid with another man.
CAN'T MISS: Reid covers for Chris at a party for the hospital trustees. (Aug. 18)

For the week of Aug. 23:
Carly and Jack follow Janet and Blackthorn.


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