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I just watched the Bethenny finale tonight and I have to disagree. Of all the Housewives shows, this one ended up being the one that grabbed my heart. Bethenny is sooooo different since she had the kid. It's so funny seeing her all weepy and emotional all of the time when she was always the wisecracking, tough chick. Who knew she was a softie at heart? I absolutely adore Jason. My love for him has grown by leaps and bounds since I first saw him. And Cookie the dog cracks me up, especially when she's growling and nipping at Shawn the wedding/wedding shower planner. So funny! I'm really going to miss this one. OMG, the conversations with Gina about the "tip of Long Island" and Jason's "tip" were were hysterical!!!

Okay, so I caved. I wasn't going to watch the DC one but I went ahead and put them in the dvr earlier tonight, they will tape tomorrow. I had no idea three of them had already aired! I'll let ya'll know what I think!
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