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Wow a bookmobile. In school libraries, there wasn't a designation where I grew up either. My mother worked for a time as a school librarian (though that was before I was born). School libraries in a lot of places are incredibly underfunded, and many don't spend much money on pleasure reading books of fiction. What I remember most about my middle school library was how many magazines it had. They had a good amount of paperbacks, but within 2 years I read most of them. My high school didn't have a great selection of pleasure reading books either, so it was off to the public library either the one of the ones in my county or if I had to I would ask my Mom by title and author to see if it was part of her branch's collection. In NYC, some schools (some of which didn't have school libraries at all), would take field trips to the public library to get books.

BL (who can't believe she wrote that much about libraries...)
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