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Aug 3 2010, 07:10 PM
read the first book in a trilogy that is called Shiver (by Maggie Stiefvater), this book has werewolves as the theme. As the main character in the book is a girl who was bitten by a pack of werewolves as a child and never made the change, who is star-crossed with one of the wolves. The concept is that in winter they live as wolves, but during the rest of the year they are human. After a certain amount of years, the werewolves no longer spend the spring/summer as human, but stay wolves only. I was surprised by this novel as it is published by Scholastic.
I saw that book online and considered it. Did you like it?

Currently I am slogging though The Magicians. I thought from the reviews it was supposed to be Harry Potter for adults, but so far it doesn't seem like it, except for the magic part. Quentin the genius stumbles into Brakebills which is a school for wizards and flies through his education there. I feel like I missed a few years. The book is just very fast that way, One chapter seems to be a year. Anyway, now he's out in the real world. Not sure I'd recommend this one.

Next I am looking at getting Orange is the New Black, about a woman's year in prison. I've always wondered what it was like in prison, so that should be interesting.

Did I mention this before? I'm 36 and I find myself looking at the young adult section quite often. I feel like I should be too old to shop there, but I like the stories.
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