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I'm with Cheryl. I think the backwards story just didn't connect with me. I was such a bookworm all my life I may be too wedded to traditional narrative flow. As an *idea* maybe it was cool - but imo it seemed the desire to play with the structure as an intellectual *challenge* placed the story and characters in a subservient position in order for the creative folks to say, "look look look at how cool and creative we are!"

(Yet I loved The Usual Suspects...)

For me, novels and movies are *doorways* into alt-universes. I have such an ability to suspend disbelief that for awhile in my 20's I had to quit going to certain movies (i.e. Empire Strikes Back) because I became so wrapped up in them I'd have a panic attack being immersed. But I prefer that to feeling *removed* by the storytelling.

I'm not explaining this well. I guess the best way to explain it is that I want to be in the *flow* experience. If I *notice I'm watching* a movie it breaks the flow.

But a few people who know my quirks are telling me I will like Inception. So maybe this weekend...
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