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There is so much going on visually in Inception that I am not sure it would translate on a television screen. Of course, I just have an old fashioned and fairly small tv.

I think they must have dumbed down Inception quite a lot: I did not get lost in the layers of reality/story/dreams and honestly, I would have thought I would.

It's much more straightforward than Memento (which I liked, but it was weird). This is an 'easier' film to watch than Memento--more mainstream, I think (it's been a while since I've seen Memento so...my memory could be off. No pun intended) and....less dark, to be honest. I went to see it with my two oldest sons.

I liked Dark Knight for Heath Ledger's performance. I honestly don't get the allure attributed to Christian Bale. He's very 'meh' imo.
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