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No, no, no.......Caroline can't leave!!! I'm already bummed about Dina leaving....she was my fave. Very true about Danielle being mentally unstable. OMG, when she was boo-hooing in that car like a wimpy little bitch. GMAFB! That was sooooo not Danielle. My hubby hates this show with a passion but of course, he catches some of it when I watch. He thinks Danielle looks like a younger, taller Joan Rivers. I told him it's the botox. Ick, her face looks so plastic and fake.

LOVED it when Chris laid down the law on that silly little spoiled twit, Ashley. He's so HOT. I love it when he defends his wife. Love those Manzos!

And have I mentioned how cute Albie is?

I don't think so but hell to the yeah!!! :wub1:

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