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Last night was HILARIOUS! Jacqueline is my favorite, I was dying during the convo with the energist I woke hubby up I was laughing so hard. The whole Ashley/Danielle/Teresa confrontation was great, even if a little stupid on Ashleys part. Dont get me wrong I think its hilarious she did it, but if Danielle is really that insane why take the chance.

I think Caroline will leave pretty soon too. She just seems to fit less and less with all the drama. I dont blame her for being classy and normal but the theme of NJ seems to be the crazier the better and she doesnt seem to wanna go there.

I dont know the whole Dina story but from the bits and pieces I've found it seems Danielle gave Dinas ex husband (her daughter Lexis father) some sort dirt or something on her. Some say it had something to do with custody of Lexi but nothing seems to have come from it. Makes sense it had something to do with Lexi though since Dina wouldnt let her appear this season.

Finally got around to watching Bethennys wedding, LOVED it! The peeing in the bucket was classic. That will live on in reality clip show history forever. Jason is such a sweet guy, I really hope they last.
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