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Jul 13 2010, 05:37 AM
On WWH, the dog wanted out during the show and I missed what Teresa said about the house foreclosure. Anyone catch that?
Teresa claimed her house has never been in foreclosure. Then, Andy asked another question about their financial status and Teresa did admit that her husand and his partner were having some trouble with their business due to the state of the housing market.

but, like they said on WWH, we don't see everything that happens.

I get a sense of frustration from most of the housewives when they come on WWH because we see what happens in a different light than how it actually happens for them. Knowing Danielle was running around spreading rumors made me understand why Teresa said something to her at the fashion show.

I think the Manzo women have some class, though I'd love to see Caroline take Danielle down a few pegs.

You and me, both! I didn't watch most of last season but there was some good stuff with Caroline at the dinner before Teresa flipped the table, and at the end of the reunion Caroline had some harsh words for Danielle.

During season 1's finale, there was something Danielle had done in regards to Dina that Dina wouldn't allow Caroline to speak of. Anyone know what Danielle did, or tried to do to Dina?
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