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So much eye-rolling from me last night. If Danielle would have tried to excuse herself civilly instead of being a bitch, that whole thing would have been avoided. But of course "I'm not a fighter" Danielle decides to make a snippy remark and got what was coming to her. Seriously, that may have worked out okay on Dina, but Teresa? She flipped a freakin table on you last year and you think you can handle her? Of course had Teresa not talked to her in the first place ... but, like they said on WWH, we don't see everything that happens. Too bad Danny wasn't there to be her knight in rusty armor. :rolleyes:

I'd have been so mad if that energist called me and offered to help me. WTF. Jaqueline handled it very well though. I think the Manzo women have some class, though I'd love to see Caroline take Danielle down a few pegs. Chris is awesome, way to step in and set Ashley straight.

I agree with you bilki, everyone seems to be metal stable, except for Danielle.

On WWH, the dog wanted out during the show and I missed what Teresa said about the house foreclosure. Anyone catch that?

And have I mentioned how cute Albie is?
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