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Jul 11 2010, 04:52 PM
Jul 11 2010, 04:35 PM
When I think of Top Gun, I think about watching it in school, and being forced to fast forward the love scenes by the teacher. We were the class that misbehaved at lunch and got to watch Top Gun while the other kids watched a Disney movie as a reward. For that reason alone I like the movie. LOL
LOL! I can see having to watch Top Gun as a punishment but I don't know that I'd consider watching a Disney movie a reward.

We got to watch Bye, Bye Birdie when I was in school. I'm pretty sure that was the first movie I've seen, as my parents did allow me to go to the theater.
Isn't that funny the different movies we watched when we were in school? I remember watching Jesus Christ Superstar (yes, this definitely dates me!) and breaking it down song by song, discussing the lyrics, etc. It was fascinating and such an interesting class. They're probably not even allow to discuss such things today!
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