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Jul 11 2010, 08:36 AM
Yay! I can finally comment in this section! A friend talked me into seeing "The Last Airbender" ....wtf....pardon me here but that movie was so gay. The kid can't act, the pace dragged on, and I really had no clue what was going on. I realize that this movie was based on a childrens cartoon so maybe thats why I didn't enjoy it. The movie was full of 1 liners that seemed perverted and I was always wondering where all the women were.
The animated series was actually quite good. Quite a bit of humor and some surprising character development. You can credit M. Knight Shyamalan with completely ruining it. All of my friends who are fans of the series were completely disappointed with the film.

Cheryl, there's a certain melancholy to A Single Man. I can't remember if you're a fan of such things. But Colin Firth is great. And visually it's quite appealing. Hearing Jon Hamm's voice really put a smile on my face.
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