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Yay! I can finally comment in this section! A friend talked me into seeing "The Last Airbender" ....wtf....pardon me here but that movie was so gay. The kid can't act, the pace dragged on, and I really had no clue what was going on. I realize that this movie was based on a childrens cartoon so maybe thats why I didn't enjoy it. The movie was full of 1 liners that seemed perverted and I was always wondering where all the women were.
I rented Shutter Island. While the movie was extremely disturbing I still enjoyed it. Leonardo has come a long way since Titanic. It was a very creepy movie.
I also rented Alice In Wonderland. That was almost 3 hours of my life wasted. The special effects were good but there are some movies that should NEVER be redone or messed with. I was very disappointed :( I hear that they are rebooting Neverending Story :( thats a classic that should be left alone IMO.
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